Геймпад Canyon CND-GP5, за PS4, черен

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Модел: CND-GP5
Наличност: Изчерпано количество!
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Wired Gamepad for PS4

This wired controller is made exclusively for Play Station 4 - the latest model of the legendary gaming console. The gamepad is designed for extreme gaming - its optimised rubber coating and 16 cozy buttons will keep you excited during long-lasting gaming sessions. Due to 3-meter long cable you can play from any corner of you room without any interference which sometimes happen with wireless devices. Dual trigger function helps to act lightning fast in dynamic shooter games and vibration feedback will make you feel every crash and collision. Play on your PS4 and conquer any tournament with this high-quality gamepad.

• Wired connection technology, 3 meter long cable
• 16 buttons and cozy rubber coating
• Dual triggers
• Vibration feedback
• Compatible with Play Station 4

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